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Tim and Jo Muir of Bloobs Blueberries, Southern Tasmania. Photo: Fruit Growers Tasmania.
Tim and Jo Muir of Bloobs Blueberries, Southern Tasmania

Bloobs Blueberries organic farm is situated in the scenic area of Gardners Bay, 5 minutes’ drive from Cygnet.

Tim and Jo planted their first blueberry plants as small sticks 10 years ago, and whilst managing the farm, they brought up a family and worked other jobs. Their five varieties of blueberry plants are now fully mature and producing large, delicious fruit.

“Tasmania’s natural environment is truly outstanding, and we don’t mind the changeable weather. Holding a piece of Tasmanian rural land can be hard work but the connection we’ve formed with this place is very special.”

Tim Muir

The farm name ‘Bloobs’ was the nickname that their boys used for blueberries when they were younger. All three boys now work on the farm in their school holidays.

At Bloobs, the picking season starts in mid-December and runs until late February. Throughout the year, soil health and nutrition are carefully managed, and pruning is the focus during the winter months. “We are lucky as we have an amazing crew that are dedicated, hard-working and heaps of fun to work with”, says Tim.

Tim and Jo are passionate about growing a product that is genuinely healthy, high quality and certified organic. The Cygnet area is traditionally a fruit growing area, with its cool climate and long growing season producing high quality fruit with great flavour.

It has been a challenge to keep our fruit cost-effective for our customers, with the ever-increasing costs of wages, packaging, freight, insurance, mulch and organic fertilisers.

“One of the wonderful things about Tassie is the passion and loyalty of our customers, many of whom have been with us from the start”, says Jo. “So many Tasmanians are passionate about sustainability and how the flavours of our blueberries vary through the picking season. It makes it so worthwhile!”

At Gardners Bay and over the hill at Nicholls Rivulet, a great range of apples, berries and cherries are grown. Tim and Jo feel lucky to have access to all these seasonal foods.

Bloobs Blueberries has a strong focus on sustainability, evident by the way the fruit is produced as well as the type of packaging used. Currently the preference is to source locally made, recycled products with the goal of using a compostable material that is cost-effective to pack and send.

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