Our growers

Grower picking berries at Westerway Raspberry Farm. Photo: Andrew Wilson.
Blackberries by Westerway Raspberry Farm, Southern Tasmania. Photo: Andrew Wilson.

Our knowledge is picked up, passed down. Through the generations, we’ve grown, innovated, adapted…

Passionate and committed

Our growers are passionate, committed and knowledgeable about this unique environment. They work with nature, growing produce with a light touch. Their knowledge is picked up and passed down from one generation to the next.

Connected with the land

Through generations our growers feel the pulse of the seasons and heartbeat of the land. They understand what thrives here; they take the time to grow produce with care.

Adaptive and bold

Year after year, in pursuit of exceptional quality, our growers never settle for anything less. They are adaptive, innovative, and bold, always aiming for the best, and always delivering great eating experiences for customers here and around the world.

Enduring relationships

Our growers forge strong relationships with in-market buyers and retailers throughout Australia and the world.

These partnerships have been built on trust, endurance, and a shared commitment to quality, over many years.

Close-up of person planting leafy greens, Southern Fields, Southern Tasmania. Photo: Andrew Wilson.

We don’t mind getting our hands dirty.

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