Blackberries by Westerway Raspberry Farm, Southern Tasmania. Photo: Andrew Wilson.

Cool climate fruit that is juicy, sweet and crisp to the bite.

Tasmania’s temperate maritime climate, with essential winter chill hours followed by a long mild, growing season, provides the ideal growing conditions to support the slow ripening and enhanced flavour of temperate fruit.

The state’s mountainous geography also creates niche micro-climates, allowing a diverse variety of products to be grown and harvested fresh from late spring (October) through until late autumn (May).

Fruit is the third largest agricultural sector in Tasmania after red meat and dairy. It is a growing sector with the scale of production increasing; currently over 3,000 hectares in fruit production.

Tasmanian stone fruit and berries have a clear, late season production advantage both within Australia and overseas which provides a defined market advantage. The timing of Tasmanian production also provides counter-seasonal supply opportunities to northern hemisphere markets.

Tasmania’s fruit industry has a farm gate value of A$400 million and export trade worth in excess of A$46 million. While the majority of production is sold in the local and domestic markets, Tasmania exports more cherries than the rest of Australia combined, going into over 20 different global markets.

Here, flavour lasts. That’s what makes our produce the very best.

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