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Bunch of parsnips. Photo: veou / iStock.

Tasmanian parsnips are firm, creamy and full of flavour.

Parsnips are a root vegetable which originated in Europe and thus grow well in Tasmania’s cool climate.

Parsnips are grown in fairly small quantities nationally. The majority of production is in Victoria, Western Australia and Tasmania.

Tasmania contributes 11% of national production.

Parsnips are grown in a range of locations, but largely in the state’s North West.

Trade data

Main harvest season


Main harvest season

Key markets

  • Local (yes)
  • Domestic (yes)
  • Export (no)

Total production volume of Tasmanian parsnips 2020/21


Pest Free Area status

Being a remote island surrounded by water and aided by a robust biosecurity system, Tasmania remains free from many plant-related pests and diseases. This freedom means our produce can be exported with minimal, if any, phytosanitary treatment.

Major growing regions around the island

Tasmanian parsnips are grown predominantly in the North West and Central North West regions of the state.

Major growing regions around Tasmania for parsnips.

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